Samsung Mobile Phone Model Galaxy S21 dual sim card capacity 256 gb

  • Internal memory: 256 GB
  • Communication networks: 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G
  • Cameras on the back of the phone: 3 camera modules
  • Operating system: Android
  • SIM card description: Nano size (8.8 × 12.3 mm), eSIM support
  • RAM amount: 8 GB
  • Photo resolution: 64 megapixels
  • Operating system version: Android 11
  • Display technology: Dynamic AMOLED 2X
  • Special features: Equipped with fingerprint sensor, suitable for photography, suitable for selfie photography, suitable for gaming
  • Size: 6.2

For several years now, Samsung Galaxy Note has found its own fans and has been launched with high capabilities. Samsung Note series phones have their own design that separates them from the S series phones. As expected, the S21 has followed the design rules of the Note series phones. The Samsung Galaxy S21 5G SM-G991B / DS dual SIM mobile phone with a capacity of 256 GB is one of the most up-to-date and high-quality phones on the market, with a beautiful design and good performance.

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Unveiled earlier than scheduled


Finally, at the beginning of 2021, Samsung launched one of the galactic members of its mobile phones. After many rumors about the new phones of this company, the Galaxy S21 was unveiled with an attractive appearance and strong hardware, and so far it has been able to attract the attention of many audiences. This phone is the latest version of the Galaxy S family of galaxies. According to Samsung, this phone has brought tomorrow's innovation for today's lifestyle and is known as a flagship. One of the interesting features of this phone is its powerful cameras, which we will talk more about in the following. If you think that the improvements made in the camera module have made this phone very impressive, we must say that you are wrong. If this is a question for you, then what is the reason for this attention? We have to tell you that this new phone has new and special features that you may not have been aware of due to the uproar caused by the introduction of these phones. Also, we should not miss the $ 200 reduction in the price of these phones compared to the previous generation. So stay tuned.

Design and appearance


Undoubtedly, the display is one of the most important components of any smartphone, and it seems that the new Samsung phone, as in the past, will have no shortcomings in this regard. The display used in the new Galaxy S21 is actually to raise the standard of mobile phone screens. Samsung has used a display with Dynamic AMOLED 2X technology in this new phone. The use of this display with new technology has enabled the display of this phone to provide a very high level of brightness, and due to its variable and dynamic update rate, it can reduce battery consumption. For example, when you look at a photo with this phone, this phone will display this photo with an update rate of 10 Hz to reduce battery consumption. But as soon as you play games or do things that require high speed, this display will display content in the smoothest possible way with an update rate of 120 Hz.





The integration of the protrusion of the camera with the body frame has created a better effect in these phones and has made us feel less like we are dealing with a badly shaped and unused part. This model is currently available in four colors: black, silver, purple and pink (rose gold), and of course Samsung will provide users with more personalization capabilities, and after a while we can see more diverse colors of this phone. Another interesting point about the design of this phone is that the body and frame are the same color as the exterior of the rear camera. Of course, except for the purple color, where we see the color difference between the frame and the body, of course, this contrast has made this phone more beautiful. Unlike the Plus model, the body of this phone is made of plastic, which can be considered one of its weaknesses, but the color of the body is matte and therefore attracts less fingerprints. The edges of the Plus model's screen are flat, which is one of the distinguishing features of this phone from the Ultra model. 






Hardware and batteries


The cameras of this phone are not very different from the previous generation, but in this model, there is no news about the 3D ToF sensor. Due to the use of a 64-megapixel camera, the Galaxy S21 also has 8k video recording capability, which can be considered as one of the special advantages of this phone, which can also extract high-quality photos from the movie. Super steady video recording is another feature of this phone. For example, you want to film while exercising. Due to the high vibration, the video may not be of the desired quality, but with the super steady feature you no longer need to worry about this. This model has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. The Galaxy S21 will be sold in global markets, including Iran, with Samsung's Exynos 2100 chip, and in some markets with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 888 chip. Unlike the previous generation, Samsung's new galaxies are only available in the 5G version.















On the screen we have fingerprint sensors that work with ultrasonic technology, in this generation the size of these sensors is about 77% larger and therefore working with it will be very fast and easy. According to the company, the performance of these sensors is about 50% faster than previous generations. It is expected to be one of the most powerful Android phones on the market due to its hardware. One of the great things about this phone is that the memory card slot has been removed and the memory can no longer be upgraded. Of course, from the manufacturer's point of view, external memory has a very low speed, especially against internal memory, and for this reason, Samsung has no longer inserted the memory card slot in these products. But you can use two 5G SIM cards at the same time. This phone uses a 4,000 mAh battery, which is a significant amount, but it is a little early to judge. This phone supports 25 watt fast wireless charging and 15 watt wireless fast charging.









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