Apple Mobile Phone Model iPhone 12 pro max A2412 dual sim card capacity 512gb

  • Internal memory: 512 GB
  • Communication networks: 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G
  • Cameras on the back of the phone: 1 camera module
  • Operating system: iOS
  • SIM card description: Nano size (8.8 × 12.3 mm)
  • RAM amount: 6 GB
  • Photo resolution: 12 megapixels
  • Operating system version: iOS 14

The iPhone 12 Pro MAX is Apple's new flagship with several new features and a quad-camera. Apple has used the same formula for the last few years for the features and overall design of this phone. The iPhone 12 Pro MAX display is equipped with a Super Retina panel to provide very good images to the user. This display has a very high resolution; At 6.7 inches, it holds about 458 pixels per inch, which is exactly equal to the pixel density of the iPhone XS.

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Body; Live nostalgia!

















Let us first make a point that made a lot of noise for Apple; As you know, the new Apple series of phones do not have a wall charger in the package! Years ago, Apple put an old 5-watt slow charger in the package, but this year we don't see the same anymore! Apple's excuse is that it thinks about preserving nature. So if you want to charge your phone, you either have to have a charger or USB-C port, or buy an Apple 20-watt charge for about $ 20. Leaving aside the charge, if you are a user of Apple products, at first glance, the design of iPhone 12 Pro Max will remind you of iPhone 4 and 5, which is not a bad thing at all. On the front of the new iPhone, microscopic ceramic crystals along with the new Corning Glass protection technology make the new iPhone Pro very durable; According to Apple, the front cover of this product is 11 to 4 times more resistant to damage than the version. In addition, stains and fingerprints are much easier to clean.


MagSafe technology holds the wireless charger firmly in the back cover for a quick and hassle-free charging process. The presence of this magnet makes it possible to put a magnetic wallet, Jakarta and even a magnetic cover on the back of the phone.



But the back cover of the new iPhone Pro is the same frame we saw in last year's version. This means that we will see the same amount of scratch and damage resistance, which is not necessarily a bad feature, but the frame of this product is made of stainless steel, which makes the phone look more luxurious, but this luxury causes stains and Fingerprints can be easily created on the phone. It might be interesting to know that the iPhone 12 Pro Max stands on tables and smooth surfaces without the need for a holder! You are unlikely to want to use this ear without a protective cover, but if you are very interested in the appearance of the phone or the high price of the phone does not matter to you, you should know that the phone slips easily from your hand and does not have a good grip. Hard ruby ​​glass is also used on the camera module, which does not absorb scratches easily. But when placing the iPhone on the table, be careful not to scratch the surface of the table.


Be careful not to scratch the table surface

screen; 60 Hz again!











Using the ProMotion display with an update rate of 120 Hz was no more than an option! The reason for this untrue rumor was probably the existence of 5G communication technology and the possibility of creating problems in battery efficiency. Apple still uses the Super Retina XDR OLED display for the new Max, which is not a bad thing, but it does not have a 120Hz upgrade rate. The screen is smooth and there is not even a 2.5-dimensional arc in it, which of course has made the phone more beautiful. Leaving aside all the features of the screen, we should also mention the famous Apple notch, which still shows itself on the phone to accommodate the selfie camera and face recognition sensor. The new iPhones were launched at a time when the Quaid-19 epidemic is rampant in the world. For this reason, many users complain that the new iPhone does not recognize their face with a mask.


Function; A14 and no more


New iPhones launched with the new iOS 14 operating system. In a nutshell, in this version of iOS, widgets are also displayed on the Home Screen, the App Library is very pleasing with its new layout, and maps and messages have been improved. Of course, there are other updates, such as a smaller notification and call window, which has made working with the phone more desirable in general. Using a LiDAR sensor in a mobile phone, also known as a laser radar, is a masterpiece that can only be done by a company like Apple. The lid sensor is able to detect distance using light emitting. In the same way, the iPhone 12 Pro Max can bring three-dimensional images of objects to life on a mobile phone. Suppose you want to see if the chair that is a wonderful item in Digikala matches the atmosphere of your room or not! Lidar is able to do the same for you. Accurate space measurement and the use of augmented reality games are other features that can be used with Lidar.

As mentioned, you need a charger to charge your iPhone. But if you get a 20-watt charger, you will see a 55% battery charge in 30 minutes, which is very satisfying. The new Max battery is about 7% smaller and lasts a little less than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but still has a good life and leaves no room for complaint. The new Max battery can last for about 15 hours of video playback, which is more than 21 hours of talk time.


Camera; A masterpiece called Max!


The same camera modules found on the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro can be seen on the back cover of his brother. The difference is that the hardware is a little different. In fact, hardware improvements in next-generation iPhone cameras can only be seen in the Max. Of course, the main cameras still use the lid sensor to have accurate and fast autofocus and create a very good portrait mode. On the other hand, the face recognition sensor also helps the selfie camera for this purpose. The new sensor, which replaces the iPhone 11 Pro Max sensor, is about 47% larger and captures high-quality, noise-free images in very low light. There's a sensor in this new camera that Apple calls sensor-shift stabilization. The presence of this sensor means that instead of having a separate vibration sensor, the phone itself is an anti-vibration sensor. This new technology actually gives the sensor more space to move the sensor within the frame, and thus much better stability. This technology allows the Max camera sensor to experience about 5,000 changes of mode per second. Sensor-shift stabilization technology stabilizes the camera's rotation when capturing video, in addition to shaking the X and Y axes.

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