Galaxy Z Fold 2 16

  • Internal memory: 256 GB
  • Communication networks: 4G, 3G, 2G
  • Cameras on the back of the phone: 3 camera modules
  • Operating system: Android

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 LTE SM-F916B single-SIM phone with a capacity of 256 GB and 12 GB of RAM was launched on August 5, 2020 to increase the variety of Samsung products. This clamshell phone has a new design that has made it a special product. The screen of this phone is 7.6 inches when opened and fits in one hand when closed. In addition, there is a second 6.23-inch display on the back of the phone.

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Continue the path of the third generation galaxy


The Galaxy Z Fold2 clearly shows that Samsung is not backing down from the idea of a foldable screen. The curves and edges have been updated in the design of this model and the new surface has created a completely smoother product compared to the Galaxy Fold 1.


Flexible design


Although it may not seem like it, most of the design of Galaxy Z Fold2 has been changed or modified from its previous model. It's easy to see that the Galaxy Z Fold2 is shorter and more robust when folded. Although the distance between the two screens is much shorter, there are still drawbacks. One of the biggest issues users had with the old Galaxy Fold on a daily basis was the lint and dust that seeped into the slot and on the screen, causing damage to the phone, which is still a big problem with the Z Fold2 Galaxy. . The hinge mechanism used in the Galaxy Z Fold2 has been extensively upgraded. The way the old Galaxy Fold hinge worked requires a lot of pressure to open and close, but the new hinge design in the Galaxy Z Fold2 requires less pressure to change the screen mode. In addition, it allows the user to change the angle of the screen from 75 degrees to 115 degrees.

Optimal display





ompared to the Galaxy Fold, the screen is larger both inside and out, but like the older Fold model, there is still a

noticeable bulge from the screen folding, and there is still image noise along the bulge between the two screens at som angles. However, it is not visible when looking directly at Z Fold2 and may only be felt by your fingers. Thanks to its OLED technology, both outdoor screens are fully usable, even in direct sunlight, and each display has its own ambient light sensor.






Suitable battery, but low charging speed


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 has a 4500 mAh battery. Or to be more precise, two separate batteries that have almost the sum of this capacity. However, in fully open mode, it is not satisfactory in terms of charging time. Galaxy Z Fold2 charges from 0 to 30% in half an hour and 57% in one hour, and the full charge takes two hours, which is compared to the Galaxy model. The Note20 Ultra is extremely slow. It also has the ability to charge via wireless chargers. But keep in mind that if you are using a wireless charger, you can only use your phone after the battery is at least 30% charged.

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